Stronger Together

We believe that we are stronger together. Our employee policies reflect our commitment to the success of our employees and to creating a workplace free of discrimination where every employee can have space to thrive. We enforce fair hiring practices and provide development opportunities to all employees. We also have best-of-class wellness programs that reward our employees for living a healthy, positive lifestyle and that promote both physical and mental health.

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Success Through Diversity

We believe celebrating diversity is an essential element of a healthy community. Our Stronger Together series allows our employees to learn from speakers of diverse backgrounds and brings into focus matters that really matter to our employees. We back-up our words through a newly developed scholarship program for black students who are also given opportunities to gain work experience, and add to the diversity of our workplace, through our student internship program.  

Impact Communities

Our corporate social initiative, the Impact Foundation, allows us and our employees,  distributors and customers to share the healing power of nature with everyone. We recognize that not everyone has access to the important wellness products we offer. Through the Impact Foundation will fill this gap and make the healing power of nature accessible to all.

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